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  • How many consultations do I need?

    The number of consultations necessary depends upon your individual circumstances, although it is advisable to be seen at least twice within 6 weeks of each appointment. During follow-up consultations, your progress will be assessed with any nutritional and supplement programme adjusted accounting for progress and any remaining concerns. For those with more complex issues, we will advise whether additional appointments would be beneficial to meet your nutritional health goals or whether a referral is necessary to another health professional.

  • After a private consultation, do you provide a personalised nutrition plan?

    Following all initial consultations, you will receive explanations of dietary and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to any symptoms along with a personalised dietary programme designed to meet your exacting requirements.

  • How do I book a private consultation?

    We would be delighted to consider supporting your nutrition. Please kindly email info@Rhitrition and the team will share all the details of how to secure an appointment.

  • Do you offer Skype consultations?

    Private consultations are encouraged at our private clinic in London’s Harley Street with telephone and Skype consultations considered where necessary.

  • What happens in a private consultation?

    All initial consultations typically last for 1 hour where a detailed picture of your position will be formulated. This will take into account your general health, family history, dietary habits, digestive function, occupation and any medical conditions you may have.