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Salmon Pesto Pasta

Essential Ingredients 200g dried pasta 2 salmon fillets (approx.250g) 1 tbsp lemon juice 1 jar (190g) basil pesto 50g spinach, coarsely chopped 6 sun-dried tomatoes, chopped Sprinkle parmesan (optional)

Brownie Cheesecake Muffins

Essential Ingredients 120ml Yeo Valley super thick kerned yoghurt (5% fat) 1 whole egg 1 egg white (reserve the yolk for the cheesecake) 100ml olive oil 125g soft brown sugar 180g plain flour 2 tbsp cocoa powder 1 tsp baking

Sun-dried Tomato Orzo

Essential Ingredients For the Pesto: 2 tbsp olive oil 2 garlic cloves 100g sun-dried tomatoes (plus extra for topping) Handful basil leaves, stalks included 1 tbsp lemon juice 2 tbsp parmesan (optional) Pinch chilli flakes (o

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Essential Ingredients 3 medium sweet potatoes 1 tin chickpeas, drained ½ tsp cumin 1-2 tsp harissa 150g raspberries, mashed 3 tbsp tahini or yoghurt Olive oil Salt and pepper To serve: extra raspberries, fresh herbs, mixed s

Strawberry French Toast

Essential Ingredients 120ml milk 1 tbsp cornstarch or flour 1 tsp vanilla essence 2-4 slices bread 2 tbsp butter, for frying 150g + 4 individual strawberries 1 tsp cinnamon To serve: yogurt, maple syrup

Fudgy Chocolate Brownies

Essential Ingredients 150g + 50g chocolate, dairy-free if needed 170g self-raising flour 3 large tbsp cacao or cocoa powder 150g coconut or caster sugar A pinch of salt 5 tbsp sunflower oil 1 tsp vanilla essence 240ml milk, d