The Podcast

On a mission to simplify wellness, Rhiannon’s Food For Thought podcast will equip you with all the evidence-based advice you need to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle. She is joined by special guests, all of whom can be considered experts in the world of wellbeing, so that together we can learn fact from fiction and empower the healthiest versions of ourselves with trusted, expert advice.


Let’s Get Through This Together

The pandemic has taken its toll on all of us: whether you’re struggling to keep worries about the virus under control or have found yourself dealing with loneliness for the first time, most of us will have had our fair share of bad days. However, this has come with a newfound confidence to talk about how we feel about our mental health. This week’s Food For Thought sees consultant psychologist Dr Ritika Suk Birah and I unravel our emotions and explore the rollercoaster of ups and downs and how to manage your mental health better.


Avoiding Weight Gain At Work

It’ll be no surprise that people who have desk jobs have a higher tendency to gain weight than an always-on-your-feet role. Deadlines, working from home and endless commitments can become all-consuming with convenience often driving our relationship with food, not forgetting all the baking we’re doing at home and snack draws. Thankfully, there are easy ways to control the influence work is having on your weight. This week’s Food For Thought sees Registered Nutritionist Dr Emilia Thompson and I explore how you can manage your weight, combat stress and boost your mood while working.


How Much Alcohol Is Too Much

Many of us don’t stop to consider how much we’re drinking, and in a lot of cases it can be more than we realise. It can often be that trip to the doctor that forces you to really think about how much you’re consuming week on week. For some, this might just be the realisation that you’re actually drinking in excess with a reliance on alcohol that you didn’t know existed. This week’s Food For Thought sees myself and mental health nurse Mark Holmes who specialises in substance misuse, delve into alcohol and addiction to explore how it can change us and what we can do to prevent this from happening.


Solving The Stress Cycle

Navigating stress can be challenging at the best of times, now in the midst of a global pandemic with concerns for our health and finances we are all facing a new set of worries. Stress is ingrained in our world and day to day lives – while this might sound overwhelming if we learn to understand it we can then break the stress cycle. This week’s Food For Thought sees pharmacist turned author Dr David Hamilton and I explore what stress really is, how we can control it and in turn combat it.


How To Eat Like A Pro

We all know that regular physical activity is an important part of staying healthy. But whether you’re an avid gym goer, or prefer occasional workouts, our diet can have a huge impact on our goals and physical development. This week’s Food For Thought sees Nutritionist Daniel Davey and I explore the latest research in sports nutrition and how by adapting the way in which we fuel ourselves can be game changer in our performance, skill and recovery.


How To Stop Yo-Yo Dieting

With over 50% of the UK population either overweight or obese, it’s no wonder there’s so much interest in weight loss. And while weight loss is often considered healthy, if you gain the weight back and then lose it again over and over, it can become a vicious, and dangerous cycle of yo-yo dieting. This week’s Food For Thought with TV personality Vicky Pattison explores all the promises to help you lose weight that aren’t backed by scientific evidence, and may actually hurt your health more than help it.


The Best Baby Sleep Schedule

Having a good night’s sleep may seem impossible as a parent, but there are things you can do to make it a little easier. This Food For Thought on Motherhood sees Sleep Consultant Rosey Davidson and I delve into the secrets of how much sleep your really baby needs and how to develop the best bedtime routines.


Feeding Your Newborn Right

The concept of breastfeeding is simple – you offer boob to baby, baby latches, drinks milk for a while and then is done. Tummy full, happy baby! But simple does not always mean easy with some mother’s are not even given a choice. This episode of Food For Thought on Motherhood is with lactation consultant, paediatric feeding and swallowing specialist speech therapist Stacey Zimmels where we explore the challenges in feeding your baby.


Surviving The Fourth Trimester

The first three months of a baby’s life are like another trimester of pregnancy, because in many ways newborns are still gestating, even after they are born. For many mums, the fourth trimester is filled with both some of the highest highs, and the greatest challenges. In this episode of Food For Thought on Motherhood sees Dr Philippa Kaye and I unearth what really goes on in such a critical time period for both mum and baby.