The Podcast

On a mission to simplify wellness, Rhiannon’s Food For Thought podcast will equip you with all the evidence-based advice you need to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle. She is joined by special guests, all of whom can be considered experts in the world of wellbeing, so that together we can learn fact from fiction and empower the healthiest versions of ourselves with trusted, expert advice.


My Birthing Story

It’s no secret that childbirth is tough, but the reality of what follows is rarely discussed. While no two birth stories are the same, I want to use my story, which is far from what I could have ever imagined to share exactly what happens, empower others with the truth and to encourage opening up around this conversation. In the absence of any education about the process and knowledge, all too many women just aren’t capable of making informed decisions, or even trusting their own bodies, especially when so many things can change and are out of your control. This week’s Food For Thought is a highly personal one, where I explore my own birth story with midwife and author Marie Louise, also know as The Modern Midwife. Please note, this episode contains some graphic childbirth references.


Counting Calories To Lose Weight

If you happen to be confused about whether calorie counting is effective or not, then you’re definitely not alone. Calories were once the foundation of many diet programmes and even official nutrition advice. Now though calorie counting has fallen by the wayside in the health world, but many individuals are still doing this in the hope they will lose weight. So, should or shouldn’t you be counting calories and if you do does it actually contribute towards any weight loss? Whether you’re an avid calorie counter or need further proof of why it’s time to step away from the number crunching, this week’s Food For Thought sees Registered Nutritionist Dr Glenys Jones and I breakdown the truth about calories.


How To Start Weaning

Children need nutritious food every day to grow healthy and strong. Yet feeding them and especially a newborn can be a round-the-clock commitment! While this can be challenging time, it is also a wonderful opportunity to begin forming a close bond with the newest member of the family. Nowadays, nearly everyone has their own opinions on how best to feed their baby and at what time this should be done throughout the day. What can add to even more confusion is the fully stocked supermarket shelves with different formulas and foods, making it hard to know exactly where to begin. This week’s Food For Thought sees Registered Nutritionist, Charlotte Stirling-Reed share exactly what, when and how to feed your baby!


When Healthy Eating Goes Too Far

Changing your diet to eating more plant-based foods, or simply adding in more fruit and veg can be healthy lifestyle choices. But if your dietary choices begin to add to your worries and bring about fear of eating out or certain foods, it can actually be quite dangerous. Being too healthy can actually be unhealthy. Often dieting plans and restrictive eating can be short-lived, which may then lead to emotional eating and unhealthy food choices. Others find their way back to the middle of the road. But for many, this so-called ‘healthy’ way of eating can become an undesired obsession and, at its most extreme, an eating disorder. This week’s Food For Thought guest sees Dr Nikki Stamp; surgeon and author explore when healthy actually becomes unhealthy.


Transforming Mental Health With Fitness

Many of us are familiar with the most common barrier to a regular physical activity routine and the lack of time we set aside for exercising. Work, family obligations and other realities of daily life often get in the way of our best intentions to be more active. Now faced with lockdown, we are restricted more than ever, but this still allows us to exercise once a day outside and nothing is stopping us from doing movement at home. Research suggests that those who successfully maintain an exercise routine learn to shift their focus from distant, external outcomes like losing weight to positive, internal experiences such as mental health. This week’s Food For Thought guest sees presenter and personal trainer, Mathew Lewis-Carter and I explore how you can really learn to fall in love with exercise and enjoy the countless benefits that come along with it!


Balancing Business & Motherhood

As hard as anyone might try, being fully prepared for becoming a mother is a huge task. Combining the demands of running a business with the responsibility of bringing up children is something that I along with many other women face. Increasingly we are seeing women setting themselves higher expectations than ever before to take on everything, with plans to give birth, look after their baby and then immediately go straight back to work. Can this really be possible and what sacrifices are associated with taking on all of these responsibilities. This week’s Food For Thought sees my good friend, Ella Mills, author and founder of Deliciously Ella to discuss the realities of being a modern day working mum!


Should You Supplement Now

Knowing what are the best supplements to take can seem like a minefield. Not only are the numbers and letters confusing and complex, you have to consider which ones are actually worth the money. With so much choice available and supplements to suit nearly every individual’s needs, knowing what the right ones to choose can be a challenge. This week’s Food For Thought sees Nutritionist Jenna Hope help sort fact from fiction so you can consider which ones are worth the money!


How To Train Your Brain In Isolation

Amazing opportunities present themselves to us all the time, but how often do we act on these and create success for ourselves? This week’s Food For Thought podcast explores how everything most people want from life – health, happiness, wealth, love – are all governed by our ability to think, feel and act; in other words, by our brain! Perhaps you’re keen to learn something new, maintain a fitness routine or just stay fit and healthy, Neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart explains how we can all harness the power of your brain to reach any goals.


Eat Well On A Budget

In these uncertain and difficult times, the spread of coronavirus is impacting each of our lives. With individuals looking for answers, especially ones that seem ‘easy’ to implement, such as what we can eat or drink on a budget. With the closure of restaurants and limited foods available in the supermarkets, we are needing to become more creative while cooking in a financially viable manner. So, is it possible to make healthy changes to our daily eating habits that will last while restricting our spending? This week’s Food For Thought guest is, Miguel Barclay an Instagram chef who is constantly experimenting in the kitchen and makes meals that all cost less than £1 a person.