The Podcast

On a mission to simplify wellness, Rhiannon’s Food For Thought podcast will equip you with all the evidence-based advice you need to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle. She is joined by special guests, all of whom can be considered experts in the world of wellbeing, so that together we can learn fact from fiction and empower the healthiest versions of ourselves with trusted, expert advice.


The Psychology Behind Weight Loss

Almost half of all Brits have tried to lose weight at some point, with the figure rising to as high as 57% for just women. And almost two-thirds of dieters say that they are pretty much on a diet ‘all or most of the time’. This week’s Food For Thought sees trainee Health Psychologist Joe O’Brien and I explore how to develop sustainable weight-loss with the latest evidence-based psychological interventions.


Gain Control Of Emotional Eating

Anyone who will tell you that hunger is just one of so many reasons that we eat and those with a tendency of emotional eating are especially vulnerable to making poor diet choices. If you’re an emotional eater, you may find yourself eating to deal with uncomfortable emotions, using food as a reward when you’re happy, and craving sweets or unhealthy snacks when stressed. Don’t worry – you’re not alone! This week’s Food For Thought sees psychiatrist Dr Chi Chi Obuaya and I unearth how we can gain back control of eating and understand how to stop the vicious cycle of guilt, shame and restriction.


Boosting Body Confidence

Like it or not, most of us are aware of how we look. But it’s time understood how serious an impact can it have on our wellbeing and our mental health? In focusing on the positive things our bodies do, we can reframe our thoughts and boost our body confidence but it’s easier said than done isn’t it. This week’s Food For Thought sees journalist and self-love activist Danae Mercer and I break down the barriers around body confidence, and explore how exactly we can switch up our insecurities and transform the way we feel about ourselves.


The Immunity Secret

The global pandemic has meant we’re all much more aware of our health. And, with us all washing your hands with vigour, applying hand sanitiser all day long, scouring the supermarket ways to boost our immune system, it’s time we fully understood what works and what really doesn’t. This week’s Food For Thought sees Immunologist Dr Jenna Macciochi and I break down exactly why it’s so important to respect and learn about our immune system so we can then avoid doing more harm than good.


Can You Reverse Diabetes

The number of diabetes cases is on the rise and not just in the UK but globally. While this is a startling fact, it is reassuring to know that we can prevent cases of type 2 diabetes and turn things around. Education as always can help dramatically with your prognosis as well as realising the importance your diet and movement can have in relation to this disease. This week’s Food For Thought sees Registered Dietitian Chris Cheyette and I delve into why we should all learn about diabetes and what we can do to prevent type 2.


The Ultimate Morning Routine

Morning routines can be powerful and set our pattern for the rest of the day. With a worry- filled morning likely to flood into an anxious afternoon, starting the morning with intention may create a sense of calm and confidence that makes the rest of the day seem more manageable. This week’s Food For Thought sees Dave and Steve Flynn from The Happy Pear explore the ultimate morning routine and its impact on us personally and professionally.


Why We Eat The Way We Do

Given the bleak outcome of most diet efforts, we must ask ourselves: Do we really understand why we’re going on a diet or why we eat the way we do? People eat for kinds of real reasons and they’re rarely just stress or comfort – they’re more powerful and psychologically deep reasons. This week’s Food For Thought sees consultant psychiatrist Sarah Vohra and I go beyond the quick diet fix as we look to truly understand our relationship with food.


Let’s Get Through This Together

The pandemic has taken its toll on all of us: whether you’re struggling to keep worries about the virus under control or have found yourself dealing with loneliness for the first time, most of us will have had our fair share of bad days. However, this has come with a newfound confidence to talk about how we feel about our mental health. This week’s Food For Thought sees consultant psychologist Dr Ritika Suk Birah and I unravel our emotions and explore the rollercoaster of ups and downs and how to manage your mental health better.


Avoiding Weight Gain At Work

It’ll be no surprise that people who have desk jobs have a higher tendency to gain weight than an always-on-your-feet role. Deadlines, working from home and endless commitments can become all-consuming with convenience often driving our relationship with food, not forgetting all the baking we’re doing at home and snack draws. Thankfully, there are easy ways to control the influence work is having on your weight. This week’s Food For Thought sees Registered Nutritionist Dr Emilia Thompson and I explore how you can manage your weight, combat stress and boost your mood while working.